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Monday, 28 February 2011

tomato plants

Been thinking about what I'm gonna plant this year & stumbled upon some pics of old tomato plants (in my old greenhouse)

Made me think of summer - am gonna dedicate Thursday to gardening this week.

Laser Quest

Kids have been lazer questiong today. Fairly expensive time though - £11.00 for 2 of them for half an hour (and it reality it was about 20 mins). Took them to an indoor play gym next & then McDonalds. And I wonder where the money's going!

They enjoyed it though & it's the last day of the holidays.

muddy walk in the woods

Went on a very muddy walk yesterday through the woods. Took our black labrador, who was half brown by the end of it - caked in mud.

We walked for ages and the dog was shattered - in fact he still seems tired this morning.

It was raining when we set off, but didn't want to let the weather spoil it for us. Happily, once we started walking the rain stopped and so it was great!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

yogi bear

Well, seen Yogi Bear. Not as I expected - it's a film with real people in rather than fully animated. The voices of Yogi and Boo Boo were Dan Ackroyd & Justin Timberlake, although I didn't recognise either! I would say the film was mediocre - kids liked it. One good thing about it was that it wasn't too long, so that suited the children. Worth seeing in the school hols, when kids are getting bored.

I also used my tesco clubcard points, so the tickets were free!

Yogi bear

Off to see yogi bear at the pictures today. Seems strange as haven't seen this since I was a little kid. Kids films seem to be like fashion - everything comes back. Will let u know wot it was like later.