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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a difference a bit of sun makes!

Due to the warm weather we've been having, some of my seeds are sprouting in no time. The picture below shows some of the faster ones at a week old.

From left to right they are - courgettes, watermelon and cucumber. I have since potted the courgettes on & they are even bigger now. The cucumbers are going in raised beds in the greenhouse, so I have put a couple of those in there already. I now need to build a frame for them to grow up. Last year I used chicken wire, but it wasn't very good, so it's back to the drawing board this year. If anyone has any good tips, I would love to hear them.

I have also planted marigolds out in my outdoor raised beds as companion plants. I have planted them all around the border.The smell should deter pests. Anyway, I think they look lovely anyway, no matter what job they are put there to do. Here's one looking all pleased with himself in the sun!

Whilst I've been out in the garden enjoying the sunny weather I've also had a nice surprise. This is my strawberries a month ago:

Whilst I was watering them at the weekend, I just noticed that they have flowers appearing! I am so excited, as I actually bought some strawberries from the supermarket last week and they were rubbish. They were all white inside and tasteless. The ones I grew last year were red inside and almost melted in your mouth.

I am counting the days till I get get some cream on these!

Thanks for reading my blog xxx


  1. Lovely read as allways
    have you tried traills spelt wrong for your cucumbers to cling up on it worked well last year for me i put it at an angle rather than straight might work for you ? happy gardening from Linda

  2. Thanks for the tip. Actually I can imagine it being better on an angle. Thanks for your help xxx

  3. Welcome to Blotanical! I'm looking forward to following your gardening exploits. BTW, I share your views on the contrast between shop-bought and home-grown Strawberries (which applies to almost all fruit and veg of course.)

  4. My strawberries are flowering now...I can't wait for those juicy berries. Welcome to Blotanical.

  5. Hi there. Is it ok to plant out the marigolds now? Mine are getting a bit stir crazy and itching to be set free.


  6. So cool! I get to start my watermelon, squash, etc. seeds in about a week. So exciting! :D Yours are lookin' good!

  7. Hey there! I found you on Blotanical. :) I'm glad your seeds are sprouting; I attempted to plant some bellpeppers and such. Three weeks later no sign of growth.

    Glad you're having better luck though. Hopefully they produce soon!


  8. Oooooh! These look fab!!! I've got some seedlings sprouting nicely too - must get some piccies on my blog! And loads of lovely flowers on the strawberries - can't wait :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  9. ronniejt28 - ideally wait a couple of weeks to plant marigolds out. I have been very naughty & planted half out now & left the other half in the greenhouse - only cos I have sown far too many. It's a gamble tho - everything else is still tucked up safely in the greenhouse!