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Monday, 4 April 2011

rhubarb's coming up trumps

If you've been following me on twitter, you might have read that I have been running out of pots to cover my rhubarb with. I have used 4 plantpots, each one increasing in size and gradually they all became too small.

Someone then kindly recommended I place a dustbin over it - so I have. Before I did so, I took a new photo:

I think some of it looks about ready now, so I'm going to be using some this week for certain. I last put a picture of the rhubarb on here about two weeks ago, so it is amazing how quick it grows, as it was only just coming out of the ground before.

I also spent some time this week getting new compost out of the compost bin. Here it is tumbling out at the bottom:

And here's my dog Mischief having a good old sniff of it:

The only thing that didn't seem to have composted properly was mango - don't know why?

Anyway, I've got lots of work to be getting on with this week, I expect the compost won't last me long!


  1. wow that's amazing! That rhubarb looks almost ready for a crumble! :)

  2. farawayme - it does doesn't it! I'm definitely going to cut some off this week!

  3. Looking good! Mischief is adorable :)

  4. Ooooh! Fab rhubarb! Just about ready for a crumble if you ask me :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  5. Garden Hoard - thank you. I do think he's rather handsome! He's still a baby really - 18 months old. He's very well behaved, although sometimes a little bit too much for our cat Liquorice (who's also black). Mischief wants to play, but Liquorice doesn't!

  6. melsanford - Thanks Mel. The amazing thing is, sicne I put the dustbin over it it's about doubled in size again!

  7. That came on really well, well done!

  8. Good to see everything growing so well... my heart gave a little lurch when I saw your fur baby labrador, my lab Harry is very poorly at the moment;-). Mischief sums up a labradors personality well, good choice