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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Eeek it's a mouse!

I have a lovely little black cat - Liquorice. Here's what he looked like as a kitten:

He's now two years old, but still little and kitten like.

He has a dual personality - he's lovely, cute and purrs for you to stroke him; then the next minute he'll bite you! But we love him very much.

Unfortunately, he's also very good at catching mice. Why unfortunately? Well, because he catches them & then brings them home for us - usually alive!

I am one of those people who is terrfied of mice, so I do not look forward to this.

Yesterday, I was just finishing my lunch and I heard him come back in through the cat flap in the kitchen. The next minute I heard a noise like a squeeky ball. I came to investigate and lo and behold there's a mouse running round being chased by Liquorice. I quickly shut the kitchen door, my heart pounding!

I was going out, so I could leave them both in there, but I had to lock the back door first. So, the softy that I am, I put my wellies on (do mice really run up your trouser legs?) and quickly locked in then left. At this point, Liquorice had the mouse cornered under the radiator.

When I arrived home, a couple of hours later, the mouse was no longer. I have told Liquorice not to bring any more home today, but who knows, will have to wait and see.

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