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Thursday, 3 March 2011

it's c c c cold even in the greenhouse today

Have spent a few hours in the greenhouse today and let me tell you, it was cold even in there.

Nice to see some things I planted around 3 weeks ago growing though - the leeks are just coming up, as are the marigolds too. Planted some lobelia seeds, but nothing showing there yet.

Have managed to get  a few things planted today:

  • trailing lobelia
  • salvia
  • sweet peas (these will go with my runner beans to encourage bees)
I also have an olive tree that I planted into the raised bed in my greenhouse today.

I grew some pak choi in the greenhouse over winter & now I have loads of it ready - am going to have to try to find a few recipes on what to do with it!

Have come inside to get a bit warmer with a cup of tea, although no rest for the wicked as I have to now go out & walk the dog - brrr!!!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)

    As I read this all I kept thinking was....a greenhouse?! She has her very own GREENHOUSE?!? I am totally and completely green with envy! Ohhhh, do enjoy these wonderful gardening blessing!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. The Greenhouse definitely helps to be able to plant things earlier in the year. This year I'm also planting a lot more by seed, in order to save some money. I have planted quite a few flowers now, that I would normally buy as plants later in the year, so fingers crossed they do well.

  3. ah so now you have me thinking. I have some sweetpea and runner beans sown. Now do I intertwine them as they grow or just plant the sweetpea nearby? I would never have thought of that and I like the idea of it!

  4. The way I do it is to grow them side by side & they intertwine themselves together. The different flower colours look great together & I always get lots of bees, so more beans. I have just finished the last of the bean about 2 weeks ago from the freezer!