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Friday, 11 March 2011

Woodland garden

I volunteer at a local school & am helping them to create a woodland garden. This week, we have been planning a few things:
  • how to make a hedgehog house
  • how to make a mosaic from stones
  • how to decorate the fences
  • how to make the pond area safe for children

Early days yet, but I just collected up some wood suitable for outdoor use (my husband is a joiner, so we always have lots of spare wood!). Delivered to school this morning. I think we'll have enough wood to make some bird boxes too. We need to find some more out about what food to give the hedgehog (I tink cat food is OK?). We also heard that rather than put straw in the house, you should put shredded paper, so we're going to borrow the shredder from the school office to gather lots.

The children are really excited about it all.


  1. Sounds like a fun interesting project.


  2. Thank you - will keep the blog updated with our progress.